Soul Focused Psychologist Eltham

Are you looking for a psychologist who you can feel truly comfortable with, who listens to you?  Someone with whom you can share your understanding of the person you are or are trying to be amidst the issues you are facing?

Your experience with me will not be clinical. You won’t leave a therapy session feeling like you have little humanity in common.  Instead, you will experience a nurtured environment where shared humanity is the focus.

Call me to discuss your situation and how I can help.

Feel Understood. Feel Connected

At the end of a counselling session, you want to leave feeling not only understood but optimistic about the work you are planning on undertaking and hopeful of an enhanced reconnection with your soul and your heart.

Work on You, Not what the outside world expects of You

The work we will do together is centered around what is most important to you, and possibly far from the expectations and demands of an outside world that often doesn’t know or show interest in who you really are.

Call to discuss an appointment.

Therapy for the Soul – Non Clinical Psychology

Psychology, from the word psyche, was traditionally the study of the soul. Sadly, the practice of psychology today can lead you far, far away from the soul. The work we do together will be about reuniting with the soul. It will involve returning to the essence of the work of Freud and Jung, and therapists of the soul.

My practice aims to achieve a genuine understanding of the underlying issues surrounding emotional problems and difficulties. I wish to move away from a focus on organic, medical interpretations of dis-ease and diagnosis. Such an approach is not interested in the underlying causes for distress, emotional symptoms and human problems and prefers to focus on cure.

Social and cultural causes for distress and struggle have never been more relevant than today and yet are often ignored or dismissed by mental health professionals and the institutions that guide them. In this context I aim to work soulfully.


Dream Work & Counselling Led by the Imagination

My work focuses on the relationship to be built with my client. On this journey, the imagination is seen as one of our most precious co-therapists, and I have confidence it exists within all of us. Approaches to meeting our imagination in counselling include dream work, sand tray work, exploring day dreams and wishes and the inner most personal and complex of our yearnings and desires.

Whilst sharing stories are important and the narrative of our life is relevant, this counselling process will also include new readings, fledgling interests and methods of exploration previously unexplored.

Why Work With Me?

If you are someone who has wondered about counselling for a very long time, but never felt ready to undertake the process, I encourage you to step off.

Maybe you have experienced many or a few false starts to this process, disappointed by the lack of connection, the failure in understanding, the clinical formality that prevents a warm engagement. Or you may know there are some significant chapters in your life that you have never unpacked, perhaps with anyone, chapters that are painful, that you prefer to ignore or deny.

Perhaps it’s the right time to dig a bit deeper into what you already know is there, which has been problematic for some time, but hidden. This is the work I am most prepared to undertake and feel privileged to lead or guide. Movement into darker, lesser known places can uncover serious resources, emotional, spiritual and more, to transform a life and it’s rewarding to witness and companion.

I feel passionate about this work and the resulting shared experiences. I can’t think of any work I would rather do.


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