Victims of Crime Counselling & Support

My first experience with Victim of Crime work was in 1996, so this is an area in which I have had much experience and where I feel my natural inclination to be an advocate and voice for victims can be well utilized.

I have often worked with victims of crime and in this work assist in the at times difficult path of navigating the legal process and the criminal justice system. Once a victim of crime, the state of Victoria has a comprehensive program that assists victims, primarily through the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal.

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Victims of Crime Pyschologist Reports

I am referred clients through the regional Victims Assistance Counselling Program and from a series of counselling sessions I then prepare a report for the tribunal.

The most important aspect of the Victims of Crime Program in my opinion, is that once an application is approved the victim of crime may receive free counselling to assist in addressing issues arising from being a victim of crime and support and guidance to help them through the court process.

It can be difficult to negotiate the criminal justice system as a victim of crime without someone alongside you who knows the system. Court appointed counselling is very helpful closer to court appearances and in court itself, however the navigating of early stages can be confusing and very stressful and this is where the assistance I offer can be most helpful.

If you are ready to embark on this process or would just like to understand more about it and how I can help, please contact me.

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