Trauma & PTSD Counselling in Eltham

I studied psychology at university and then completed a Bachelor of Education in Counselling. My second degree is where I learnt to focus on the relationship between the counsellor and the client. Much of my early work was in Community Health settings where I developed knowledge and experience working with sexual abuse and domestic violence.

I began a full-time private practice in 2002, having initially begun to see my own clients in 1998. Since 2002 I have worked privately from doctors’ surgeries and health coalition settings.

In 2008 I began to work exclusively from my home in Eltham, having converted my old Alistair Knox garage into a private consulting room. My room is what new clients often comment on, noticing its peacefulness, natural setting, warm fire (when appropriate) and interesting art and artefacts.

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I have an interest in many forms of healing and draw on dreamwork, sand play, therapeutic cards and alternative healing tools.

Without doubt my most influential therapist is Carl Jung. Contemporary influencers are James Hillman, Thomas Moore and Marion Woodman.

I enjoy working with men and women and encourage both genders to benefit from my focus on feminism, understanding of patriarchy and interest in lost powers of the goddess and gods.


Standard Fee is $170

Medicare Rebates Available
TAC & Workcover Provider
Discussion of affordability is welcome

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